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Sun Mar 11 12:11:31 MST 2001

Sam's confession that he too was an anarchist reminded me of this message
sent to me privately by Sean Noonan, who is too busy with schoolwork to be
subbed. (I should confess that I was a member of the Young Americans for
Freedom in 1960 and supported Barry Goldwater for President, so how dare
Red Rebel accuse me of being a liberal.)

Hey Lou,

Too busy to sub right now but I check on the archives over the weekends.

An interesting book on anarchism is: Karl Marx and the anarchists / Paul
Thomas. Published: London ; Boston : Routledge & K. Paul, 1980.

here's my two cents on anarchism in relation to Kevin Danaher of Global
Exchange. He was just through here (Manhattan, Kansas) last week and in both
of his talks a comrade of mine reports that he directly or indirectly
smacked Castro/Cuba, anarchists ("black-bloc"), AIM, the IRA, Soviet Russia,
all thewhile talking about how we need love (culture is the answer).
Danaher kept makingreferences to the "the great spiritual leaders", and
share-holderactivism. He did about 3 or 4 of these bursts in a row - could
have been an Amwayconvention.   He also used the word revolution so often
and in so many different ways it became meaningless.

For all their faults (and there are many) I'll take one ill informed,
immature, atheoretical,  lost in abstraction, undisciplined, hung up on
their own authenticity, anarchist over five Danaher's any day.  Most
anarchists are like a little brother. I have a hunch that people under 30
who are drawn to anarchism simply have never heard an accurate rendition of
what marxism is in their entire lives.

This was my experience as a teen in St.Louis during the 1980's.  It wasn't
until the protests against the Gulf War that a Jesuit priest persuaded me to
read some of Marx himself so I could see that what Marx was aiming at was
the same thing as the anarchists but he had a better understanding of the
nature of the beast and a better idea of how to kill it.

Lack of experience, lack of knowledge and juvenile excitability can all be
remedied with calm and comradely dialogue. On the other hand Kevin Danaher
has been around long enough and should know better. Half the things he
advocated  like "reality tourism" (a holiday in other people's misery)
"microcredit" (Danaher said the guy who runs Gramene bank is "spiritually
centered" I'm sure that helps alleviate the suffering of the people who pay
interest to the bank) and Malthusian demographics.  It seems that up to 1/2
of the things Danaher advocates are utopian pro-market reforms (small
capitalism is beautiful) or actual World Bank policies (malthusian blame the
poor population policies).

At least the majority of anarchists are some kind of  utopian socialist.
Danaher and Global Exchange are just utopian reformers. So I guess it is a
matter of context. Out here in the midwest I draw the line at socialists of
some flavor (marxist, anarchist, even christian). I'd rather work with
anarchists than liberals and so-called "progressives" any day.

Louis Proyect
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