Damn Yankees Think They Know Everything, Don't They?

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el 11 Mar 01, a las 10:47, Tony Abdo dijo:

Whatever we may think of Tony's remaining assertions, the two that follow seem
to be unsinkable. Are Southern workers the most exploited ones in USA, or not?
And if they are, why doesn't the US Left become Southern-based? Of course,
there may be an issue of numbers here. But the basic idea that a Left which
antagonizes (or is antagonized by) the most exploited in a country, that Left
is in serious trouble.

Most respectfully, by the way. Because we in Argentina have a long history in
this sense.

> If the Left is unable to organize
> in the South of the US, it will hinder any real effort to stop the US
> war machine.      That's where the support for the military is literally
> based.
> And a Left that cannot participate meaningfully in social struggle in
> the South, will not be able to politically counter the hold of
> capitalist ideology on the working class of the US as a whole.

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