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I haven't had time to put together my little digest of news from Colombia,
but three things have happened this week well worth noting.

1. According to El Tiempo the FBI and DEA have put together a list of 20
leaders of the FARC who they want to extradite for drug dealing.

2. According to the NYT GW Bush wants to appoint one of the old Oliver
North gang to be Undersecretary of State  for Latin American Affairs. He
will replace Thomas Pickering, mastermind of Plan Colombia and one of the
masterminds of the various Central American Peace plans when he worked for
George Schultz.

3. Rumours from several sources here say at a meeting of Andres Pastrana,
top military leaders, and Conservative Party leaders, it was agreed to
continue the peace process without making any agreement for the duration of
Pastrana's term of office. According to the reports, their reason is that
those at the gathering believed a peace deal would help elect Horacio Serpa
as the next president, while no deal would lead to an electoral victory by
Alvaro Uribe. Those at the meeting apparently think the political machines
will block the possibility of the election of Noemi Sanin. Although I can
not verify the truth of this report, the sources are good. It is worth
noting that the Conservative Party is in a shambles without a single viable
presidential candidate of its own at present, and that Alvaro Uribe is the
leader of the right-wing pro-paramilitary faction of the Liberal Party.

Louis Proyect
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