Damn Yankees Think They Know Everything, Don't They?

Tony Abdo aabdo at SPAMwebtv.net
Sun Mar 11 21:00:13 MST 2001

Lou's notion of Southern history is rather bizarre (and
regionalcentric).     The South considered itself on the defensive in
regards to maintaiing economic parity with the North, dating way back
from the beginnings of the 19th Century, not the 1960s as Lou

<For comrade's edification, this notion of the southern USA as a
peripheral area being exploited by the north emerged in the 1960s among
white activists in the civil rights and new left movements. It has
nothing to do with the Marxist analysis of imperialism, but caters to
the reactionary moods of the south. I am beginning to wonder where Tony
has picked up many of his heterodox ideas, surely not from his
Trotskyist youth.>

And the North did hoarde resources and use its economic control of the
country to develop itself relative to the South.     This began to
change in the '50s and '60s.      The backwardness of the South was due
not only to its racist past, but also to its defeat as a region in the
Civil War.     Afterwards, resources were used to develop infrastructure
in the North, whereas the South was allowed to wallow in destitution for

<Some regions hoard resources? Tony, you really need to re-familiarize
yourself with fundamentals of Marxism. I am rapidly losing patience with
your impressionism.>

And about me calling Northerners as a whole , a bunch of arrogant

<Since I am well-trained in the art of provocative baiting, I know you
are referring to when you talk about "arrogant bunch of assholes".>

I used the plural **assholes** here for good reason.     Don't go and
get personally offended, Lou.     The problem of intellectual
know-it-alls from the East Coast is not something  limited to Left
circles, let alone to the SWP.     And the plural was not to single you
out personally.

I work with someone from Mississippi, and I can tell you that nobody
likes to be told that they are part of a backward region, over and over
and over (even if it is true).     Weren't you the person who threw
someone off list for using the word 'hillbilly'?

Southern Blacks also get tired of Northern Blacks thumbing there noses
down at them as being from a backward region.     And Southern academics
get tired of being the 'hillbillies' of academia, also.
 Your notion of the Southern regional resentment as being nothing more
than racists wanting to hold onto their racial hatred is extremely one

<I don't regard you as a true southerner. My friend Nelson Blackstock,
who was editor of the Militant, was raised in rural Georgia. His daddy
hunted with coon dogs.......>

I rest my case.     No, Lou, my daddy didn't hunt with coon dogs.
That would make me less than a true Southerner in East Coast eyes,

<I am a computer programmer at Columbia, not a professor. I use the
library there, however. I do believe that there is a public library in
your city as well. You should visit one of these days. I am sure you
would find it most edifying. Books are our friends.>

As a matter of fact, Lou, there really is no library in Laredo, Texas.
There is a building called a 'library', but inside, one will find next
to no books.      There are no bookstores either.      Thank you though,
for encouraging me to read books.      Can you send me one from

One last note.    Both the SWP and CP have nothing in the South, because
they closed down their Southern Branches when things got tough.    If
there had been more Southerners in the leadership positions in these 2
organizations, there would have been a different balance in who, and
which locals, got the axe.     And in which locals were built up in the
first place.

Insead, both organizations essentially have no real membership, or
locals, in areas like Florida and Texas.      And nobody on the US Left
seems to have much of a plan in trying to organize in these areas.

North Carolina seems to be the favorite Southern state for the Left.
Partly because it is so close to the Eastern seaboard.      That way
radicals out of NYC, Boston, Chicago, and Detroit can keep a better eye
on things, to keep backward Sourtheners from mucking up their own
organizing.      Norma Ray needs your help.

Tony Abdo

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