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Urgent Appeal from Birzeit University, Palestine


    March 10th, 2001

We, faculty and staff at Birzeit University, appeal to our colleagues and
friends around the world to help us in delivering our simple but urgent
message -- let our people live!  We will be delivering this message in
peaceful marches of protest to the Israeli soldiers and tanks that
currently prevent us from reaching our University by the only road that
allows accessibility and that has been recently blocked.  The suffering of
Palestinians in surrounding villages who are cut off from their
livelihoods, health care, schools and markets is also acute.  So far
protests have only been met with bullets and tear gas.  We need your help
to bring our message to the world.

The wave of violence against the Palestinian population has reached
unprecedented proportions.  The Israeli army's policy of siege through
blocking roads and digging trenches around towns and villages has been
escalating, making it practically impossible to meet people's very basic

This policy has now reached Birzeit University, preventing us and our
students from reaching campus to continue our classes, labs and academic

On 7 March 2001 in the dead of night, the Israeli army destroyed portions
of the only road linking the University to Ramallah, gouging out trenches
and destroying about 400 meters of asphalt.  This damage to the only road
linking Ramallah City to Birzeit village and 33 other villages with a
population of about 65000 has resulted in the total disruption of daily
life.  To date, cars, ambulances and provisions are not able to cross to
and from Birzeit and surrounding villages.  Most Palestinian populated
areas have already been hermetically sealed, disregarding all standards of
dealing with civilians and contravening international law, particularly the
Fourth Geneva Convention.  These measures are, in the full sense of the
term, war crimes.  With these actions, it becomes clear that such policies
are part of a long term strategy that Israel is pursuing in both the Gaza
Strip and the West Bank .  This strategy has been adopted by successive
Israeli Governments, both of Barak and Sharon, in order to subjugate the
entire population, and will them to accept the unacceptable.

We call on you to ACT NOW:

1.Call for an immediate end to the closure policies.

2.  Call for the international protection of the Palestinian population.

3. Demand that Israel abide by international law.

Call the nearest Israeli Embassy in your area, or send your protests to the
Israeli Government on these email addresses.

Binyamin Ben-Eliezer, Israeli Minister of Defense at

    sar at mod.gov.il

and Shimon Peres, Israeli Foreign Minister at

    sar at mofa.gov.il

For further follow up, please visit the Birzeit Website at <www.birzeit.edu>


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