Damn Yankees Think They Know Everything, Don't They?

Louis Proyect lnp3 at SPAMpanix.com
Mon Mar 12 07:01:29 MST 2001

Tony Abdo wrote:
>Lou's notion of Southern history is rather bizarre (and
>regionalcentric).     The South considered itself on the defensive in
>regards to maintaiing economic parity with the North, dating way back
>from the beginnings of the 19th Century, not the 1960s as Lou

What does this have to do with Marxism? Marxists are not interested in
"economic parity" between various regions in a capitalist nation, but in
overthrowing the whole fucking system. Your complaints about the south
being exploited are devoid of a class analysis.

>And the North did hoarde resources and use its economic control of the
>country to develop itself relative to the South.     This began to
>change in the '50s and '60s.      The backwardness of the South was due
>not only to its racist past, but also to its defeat as a region in the
>Civil War.     Afterwards, resources were used to develop infrastructure
>in the North, whereas the South was allowed to wallow in destitution for

What does this have to do with Marxism? The Civil War was a revolutionary
struggle to smash chattel slavery. As a result, mechanization and
industrialization sped up while blacks remained in thralldom because of the
defeat of reconstruction and the rise of Jim Crow. Black people do not seem
to enter your political calculations at all. What would be the emblem of
your southern left movement? A hammer and sickle superimposed on a
confederate flag?

>And about me calling Northerners as a whole , a bunch of arrogant

I am not being an arrogant asshole when I tell you that your posts on this
question are devoid of Marxism. This list is for Marxists, not leftists in
general. I am losing patience with your refusal to engage with the Marxist

>I used the plural **assholes** here for good reason.     Don't go and
>get personally offended, Lou.     The problem of intellectual
>know-it-alls from the East Coast is not something  limited to Left
>circles, let alone to the SWP.     And the plural was not to single you
>out personally.

Cut out the good ole boy shit.

>I work with someone from Mississippi, and I can tell you that nobody
>likes to be told that they are part of a backward region, over and over
>and over (even if it is true).     Weren't you the person who threw
>someone off list for using the word 'hillbilly'?

No, I threw somebody off for defaming the people of Yugoslavia who likened
them to white racist southerners.

>Southern Blacks also get tired of Northern Blacks thumbing there noses
>down at them as being from a backward region.     And Southern academics
>get tired of being the 'hillbillies' of academia, also.

My uncle Ziggy used to complain about his hemorrhoids.

>I rest my case.     No, Lou, my daddy didn't hunt with coon dogs.
>That would make me less than a true Southerner in East Coast eyes,

>As a matter of fact, Lou, there really is no library in Laredo, Texas.
>There is a building called a 'library', but inside, one will find next
>to no books.      There are no bookstores either.      Thank you though,
>for encouraging me to read books.      Can you send me one from

What would be the purpose? You wouldn't open it.

>North Carolina seems to be the favorite Southern state for the Left.
>Partly because it is so close to the Eastern seaboard.      That way
>radicals out of NYC, Boston, Chicago, and Detroit can keep a better eye
>on things, to keep backward Sourtheners from mucking up their own
>organizing.      Norma Ray needs your help.

Tony, your posts on the south are utterly devoid of content. They are
opinionizing wrapped in left rhetoric. I posted something on Communists in
Alabama that effectively took everything you've written on the topic and
refuted it. The only way to respond is to deepen your understanding of the
role of the left in the south rather than rely on your own personal
observations. Marxism is not about personal observations. It is about
uncovering the underlying class relations that make up society. It is based
heavily on historical documentation, such as Herbert Aptheker's books on
the slave system or Eric Foner's on reconstruction. This is list designed
to foster the growth of Marxist theory and analysis, not a forum for
personal observations. You are running on empty.

Louis Proyect
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