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> There's a Red Encyclopedia on the net, it seems...
> On this page,, they have
information on defunct US 'red' organizations. It seems quite intent on

As a Solidarity member, my problem with that site has been that it has
previously not written accurate portrait of Solidarity or put forth a
judgement on Solidarity without equal balance to others who take similar
stance.  For example, on Solidarity it states:

"However, since its formation, Solidarity seems at times to be floundering
politically, seemingly unable to decide how it should go about uniting the
fragmented leftist movement. For the 2000 Presidential elections, Solidarity
endorsed both the Green Party's Ralph Nader and the Socialist Party's David
McReynolds, showing once again their inability to make clear-cut decisions
politically. "

But when describing DSA, it states: "Because of their disliking of Al Gore's
centrist, pro-capitalist politics, DSA endorsed instead Ralph Nader and
Socialist Party candidate David McReynolds for President in 2000. "

What?!  Solidarity is unable to make clear-cut political decisions, but DSA
takes committed Leftist stance by endorsing both?!

Still, coming from a site that is seems to be written by a member from the
SP USA is not that bad, though I wish it had written more critical things
about the SP USA in the same vein it critiques other Leftist organizations.
Though, you got to love it's enthusiams for itselft (SP USA):

"In just the past five years, the SPUSA has gone from a membership of 600 to
nearly 1,500 members. Growing at a rate of two new members per day, SPers
hope to break into the national scene in just a matter of years. "

Erik Toren
Pharr, TX

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