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> As a Solidarity member, my problem with that site has been that it has
> previously not written accurate portrait of Solidarity or put forth a
> judgement on Solidarity without equal balance to others who take similar
> stance.  For example, on Solidarity it states:
> "However, since its formation, Solidarity seems at times to be floundering
> politically, seemingly unable to decide how it should go about uniting the
> fragmented leftist movement. For the 2000 Presidential elections, Solidarity

The gossip section is not worth taking seriously.

witness the following sectarian swipes:

". Contrary to the Trotskyist belief in a world socialist economy, Stalinists believe
in "socialism in one country" (national socialism).
TITOISM: Form of Stalinism based on the régime of Marshal Tito (1892-1980), the late
Communist of post-World War II Yugoslavia. While a Communist nation, Tito demanded
that his country remain independent of both the capitalist organization NATO and the
Soviet Warsaw Pact. There are similarities in extreme isolationism of Tito and that
of Kimism and Hoxhaism.
Once in power, Mao's totalitarian government began a program known as "Cultural
Revolution", whereby any sign of culture that was not liked by Mao and his comrades
was violently purged from China. Maoism also believed in economic progression through
the Stalinist "five-year programs", the most well-known of which was Mao's Great Step
KIMISM: Form of extremely right-wing ideology based partially on Maoism. It is based
on the theories of Kim Il Sung (1912-1994), the former ruler of North Korea. While
Maoism only calls for nationalism, Kimist ideology calls for complete and extreme
isolationism. Nothing is allowed within or without the country's fortified borders
because of their fear of "revisionist" Communists and capitalist nations. If it's
possible, the government sought by Kimism is even more totalitarian than that of
Maoism. In Kim Il Sungist North Korea, isolation is so important that even if Korean
people desparately need outside help, the government makes sure that they do not
receive it. Kimist governments are also sometimes referred to as "Hoxhaist".
. Instead of leading the masses through a vanguard party (Lenin's view), they believe
in "focoism", a belief that acts of guerilla warfare and heroism actions taken by a
small cadre against the establishment will inspire the masses to join them. Also
referred to at times as "Guevaraism", followers of the ideology of Castroism believe
in a strong centralized government and no heeding toward a capitalistic economy.
. Rather than following the Stalinist and Leninist focus on a dictatorship,
Trotskyists emphasize more democratic centralism and a "workers' democracy". While
supported a one-party system, he believed in complete freedom of speech, thereby
allowing this one party to be changed according to the will of the people.
[and now the attacks on American groups]

The WWP is highly authoritarian and opportunistic
Formerly known as the Workers League, the SEP changed its name in 1994 (apparently to
make it appear to be a legitimate party). The SEP is the American member of the
International Committee of the Fourth International (ICFI), a group that claims to be
the genuine "Trotskyist" International.
The black radical and deathrow inmate Mumia Abu-Jamal is also an RCP supporter, if
not a member. While very leftist in some respects, the RCP has been accused for being
anti-feminist and for calling homosexuality "bourgeois decadence", and their members
have been known to say that Native Americans are an inferior race. Overall, the RCP
is very militant, very authoritarian, and very secretive.
However, the FSP seems to want to warm up to Socialist Action, apparently hoping that
doing so will improve their chances of getting into SA's international, the Fourth
Under the Comintern (Lenin's international organization), the CPUSA was illegally
given millions of dollars from the Soviet Communist Party up until 1991.
illegally? who do these people work for? *sigh* This whole page is very unfortunate.
It is in the worst traditions all over the place. There is no point in suggesting to
them that to speak of their opponents like this says as much about them, is there?

There is more gossip (very good name for it). What makes me angriest I suppose is
that I was interested enough to read it all. Some of it is warranted, (some groups
are cults) but the source (meaning a "competing party") is the problem.

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