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Mon Mar 12 21:42:45 MST 2001

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> The next thing you know, they re-appear denouncing their beloved Stalin
> embracing TonyCliffThought.  Having said for decades that Stalin's Russia
> was communist, they now declared it to have been 'state capitalist'.
> kind of suggests that Morgan and co. can't tell the difference between
> communism and capitalism.
> Philip Ferguson

Is it really so big a leap? Fusions between former "Maoists/Hoxhaists" and
Trotskyists are not so uncommon. I think in Germany, Portugal and one or two
Scandinavian countries at least, mergers and electoral alliances have taken
 You just have to remember that "Maoists" and "Hoxhaists" believe that the
Soviet Union was state-capitalist from the fifties onwards. Many also
supported the "collapse of revisionism" in 89-91. All it takes is to move
that date of "capitalist-restoration" back a couple of decades or so, and
hey presto, born again trotskyists! This is even easier for many of the
"Maoists" that came out of the "New-Left" of the 60's and 70's since alot of
them were anti-Stalin also.
 Still doesn't make the CPNZ/SWO's  bare-faced opportunism any the less
disgusting though!

James Tait.

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