Damn Yankees Think They Know Everything, Don't They?

Carrol Cox cbcox at SPAMilstu.edu
Mon Mar 12 23:19:16 MST 2001

"Jose G. Perez" wrote:
> >>When I first joined the SWP and came into contact with New Yorkers in
> Houston, my first impression was .... what an arrogant bunch of
> assholes.     It had nothing to do with being a KKK supporter.     It
> had a lot to do with the fact that..... many East Coast intellectuals
> are just that.     An arrogant bunch of assholes.<<
>     Translation for people unfamiliar with white Southern ways:
>     "New Yorkers"=Jews
>     And, yes, they used to lynch Jews too, in the south, but not nearly as
> many as the Blacks.

I would assume that when substantual numbers of southern whites begin to
whokeheartedly accept black leadership and belong to organizations with
a majority black membership, then from a working class perspective the
south will have joined the United States. They also need to agree that
the proper name for the civil war was the slavedrivers' insurrection,
and that Robt. E Lee was a slavedriver and traitor, period. Until that
time the only interesting political organizations in the south will be
black or mexican, as has been the case in the past.

Do farm boys from the midwest count as East Coast Intellectuals?
Incidentally -- there has never been a decent collective name for
inhabitants of the U.S. "Americans" covers two continents and Usaians is
sort of awkward. If we could finally complete Reconstruction we could
all call ourselves Yankees.

U.S. history for 130 years has been dominated by the most tragic event
in our history: the defeat of reconstruction.

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