German Trot-Mao merger (Re: NZ branch of IST on recent split)

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at
Tue Mar 13 02:46:51 MST 2001

"Red Rebel" wrote:

> Fusions between former "Maoists/Hoxhaists" and
> Trotskyists are not so uncommon. I think in Germany, Portugal and one or
> Scandinavian countries at least, mergers and electoral alliances have
> place.
>  You just have to remember that "Maoists" and "Hoxhaists" believe that the
> Soviet Union was state-capitalist from the fifties onwards. Many also
> supported the "collapse of revisionism" in 89-91. All it takes is to move
> that date of "capitalist-restoration" back a couple of decades or so, and
> hey presto, born again trotskyists! This is even easier for many of the
> "Maoists" that came out of the "New-Left" of the 60's and 70's since alot
> them were anti-Stalin also.

While it is correct to mention Germany in a list of Trotskyist/Marxist
fusions, it does not have to do anything with 'state-capitalism'.
The Trotskyist partner was the GIM (German section of the USec) and the
Maoist side was the Hoxhaist KPD. At that time the KPD (mid-eighties) had
lost most of it Maoist faith, beeing mainly an organisation of radical
unionists. In the unified organisation VSP the former Maoist were those ones
who were very critical of 'Leninist' party building concepts, whereas the
former Trotskyists were more traditionally minded. The joint party never
really flourished and after some time the more dedicated Trotskyites left to
form the RSB.
Today the VSP still exists as an loose association on the left of the PDS.
Winnifried Wolf a former leading GIM-cadre is MP for the PDS. The VSP still
publishes the bi-weekly Sozialistische Zeitung:


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