German Trot-Mao merger (Re: NZ branch of IST on recent split)

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Tue Mar 13 04:38:41 MST 2001

En relación a German Trot-Mao merger (Re: NZ branch of IST on r,
el 13 Mar 01, a las 11:02, Johannes Schneider dijo:

> While it is correct to mention Germany in a list of Trotskyist/Marxist
> fusions, it does not have to do anything with 'state-capitalism'.

Certainly. Trotskyists, at least the last ones that I knew who could be
reasonably recognized as followers of the positions of Lev Davidovitch, did not
accept the "state capitalist" thesis. We should not read their current blunders
(e.g. the groups who allowed their anti-Stalinism to drag them to back NATO in
the Balkans) as something originating in their past which, in many respects, is
more than glorious.

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