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Joao Monteiro wanted to have french people on the list, so I thought I will
make a little hello. I am a regular "lurker" but I don't feel like
participating more. Nevertheless, I can still give informations about
France. For example, there was communal elections last Sunday, and they
have shown a significant progress of extreme left (Lutte Ouvrière and LCR).
Here is an article from Le Monde about that,5987,3263--159107-,00.html (even if you
don't read french, you can look the numbers)

This is really a confirmation of the "anti-capitalist" current significant
since 1995 in France. Unfortunateley, and contrary to the european
elections of 99, LO and LCR was unable to find an agreement. The main
reason for the disagreement was that LO wanted to have candidates only
coming from the two groupings, whereas LCR is more open to other local
groupings, which don't necessarily see them as trotskyists, but are
nevertheless in opposition to the left gouvernment (for example, in
Kremlin- Bicêtre, there was a common list between the local PCF group which
is in opposition with the direction of the party and LCR, in Lyon one
councillor left the PCF for leading such a grouping with support from LCR
etc). Such local groupings, dubbed citizen lists, make also good results,
like the Motives list in Toulouse.

Other significant traits of the election are the stability of global
"rapport de force" between left and right, the progress of the Greens
(which have an image of being somewhat critical of the left government in
which they participate), and the continued decline of the PCF. Far right
has also declined since 1995 and its split in two groupings, but is still

Yves-Marie Quemener

[Moderator's note: Yves-Marie is French]

Louis Proyect
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