Damn Yankees Think They Know Everything, Don't They?

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>>>The problem of intellectual
>know-it-alls from the East Coast is not something  limited to Left
>circles, let alone to the SWP.     And the plural was not to single you
>out personally.<<
>More translation from Southernese:
>"Intellectuals" in general, and doubly so "from the East Coast" = Jews.

Actually, the thing that strikes me as being beyond weird about all this is
that Abdo is very likely Lebanese. Lebanese and Jews were the essential
outsiders in southern society, bringing skills as merchants into a frontier
area. For that matter, I was born in Kansas City where my grandfather ran a
shoe repair shop in a largely Mexican-American neighborhood. My mother
spoke Spanish and Yiddish before she learned English.


The Houston Chronicle, September 13, 2000, Wednesday 2 STAR EDITION

Son follows family restaurant tradition


It took Eli Droubi 21 years to realize that he had baking in his blood.

After working at Droubi's, the family-owned Middle Eastern chain of
restaurants in Houston, then taking a hiatus in college, Eli has decided to
return to the restaurant business.

The restaurant trade has been passed from his Lebanese grandfather, to
Eli's father Anthony and uncle Abdo, to the junior Droubi, who is now a
manager of eatZi's Market & Bakery, 1702 Post Oak Blvd.

"The yeast is in the blood," said Droubi.

Droubi said that as a child, he did not want to work on weekends in the
family business.

While other kids were playing sports, young Eli would be sweeping or
mopping floors, making bread and busing tables.

"My dad would wake me up at 6 a.m. in the morning when I was 12 years-old.
My dad is waking me up and pouring cold water on my back to make bread when
I'd rather go out and ride a bike," he said.

Upon graduating from high school, he attended the University of Texas,
Austin as a pre-med major.

However he become disinterested in medical school and returned to the
restaurant business.

"Everybody's got to eat," Droubi said.

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