Outside agitators -- and inside ones/and a mention of SSOC

Tony Abdo aabdo at SPAMwebtv.net
Tue Mar 13 07:38:18 MST 2001

Damn, Hunter.     And Texans aren't too popular in Colorado, either.
I wonder why?     Of course with Bush in office, we'll be making friends
all over the country, now.

<And, for me, a final cordially wicked remark: We Southwesterners --
Arizona and New Mexico -- often see Texans as folks who come into our
Section and look down at us like we -- we! -- were all poor relations.
Think that one over, amigos.>
In Solidarity, always -
  Hunter Gray [Hunterbear]
Hunter Gray

I've decided to just ignore all the silliness about how I'm a closet
Dixicrat, or that I'm anti-Jewish.      Though I was intrigued with the
idea that Lou had, of a flag with a hammer and sickle on a Stars and
Bars background.     Yeah, I think that would be a great coversation
piece in the neighborhood, if I ran it up the flagpole, outside, on
Confederate Heroes Day.

In all seriousness, and to difuse any hostilities that have arisen over
this debate.....   I'd like to invite Lou, Jose, Nelson Blackstock,
Carrol. and Mark to all converge on Waco, Texas to help us found
together, the new United Communist Party of Central Texas, this May Day.
I'm inviting Michael Pugliese also.      What the heck, Lou, invite the
good ol' boys from over at LBO.      Come one, come all.

Our founding convention will be held at Baylor University, followed by a
dance.    And afterwards, we will hold a march to Crawford, Texas.
This march will not be armed.

I want to make this clear.     All races will be invited to participate
in this event.      Red Rebel, can you bring some of the British
comrades, too.     We need more British input into this situation we got
down here.

Tired of the Hudson and Potomac?     It's time for you guys, to show
what can be done down on the Brazos!     People of the Great Lakes, come
to Lake Waco.      We're marching on the Crawford White House!    I'm
glad that we'll all be getting together to organize the New Southern

Comradely Greetings, Tony

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