Southern consciousness

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Excellent article, proving that the status of South has nothing to do with
North-South disparity, but with reactionary agro industrial class exploiting
its own people (especially blacks)..Core-periphery analysis does not apply
to an imperialist nation such as US.

for the limits of Southern populism, comrades should also see  Lawrence
Goodwyn's _ The Populist Moment: A Short History of the Agrarian Revolt in
America_. Although historian Goodwyn is kind of sympethatic towards the
demans of People's party, populist movement, farmers and workers
cooperatives in the South (1800), he also says that Southern populism could
not offer a realistic alternative to Northern corporate interests as well as
to Southern agro capitalist class at the time.

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> Young Socialist Magazine, May 1969
> "Southern Consciousness: Conscious of What?"
> by Nelson Blackstock
> Ever since the leaders of the Southern Student Organizing Committee began
> to tell us that it is necessary to build a unique movement based on what
> Steve Wise in the March 17 "Great Speckled Bird" [a now defunct
> 'underground' newspaper] calls Southern Consciousness (also known as
> Southern Nationalism, Southern Chauvinism, or probably more aptly,
> Exceptionalism.) I have been following their arguments closely. But I have
> had difficulty figuring out what exactly is unique about the South that
> creates the basis for Southern consciousness.
> Louis Proyect
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