Lenin in Essen

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Comparison to Hobson is the exact way of putting it, Charles!  I should
add, however, that Hobson was still kind of critical of British free
imperialist trade arrangements with the colonies. He even went futher
acknowleding scientific racism as a direct product of British colonial


CB: Very interesting, Xxxx. Thank you for your erudition , as I did not know these
facts about Hobson. If only we had a Lenin to play to today's Hobsons !


There is also a seperate chapter about scientific racism in
_Imperialism_. However, Hobson was a social democrat adn a reformist in the
final analysis. I think Doug comrade is getting closer to Bill Warren type
revisionism or neo- fundamentalist leftism, and even looks to me, moving
away from affirmative action type leftism (considering the reactionary
thread about compensation for black slavery in LBO). Yeah right, blacks
vore for the ruling class liberals, so they have no right to demand
reperations from whites!!!

in any case, we should not expect from Doug too much theoretical
sophistication either.He is a journalist so he does what his profession

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