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Thanks for posting Nelson Blackstock's article on "Southern
Counsciousness" from the old Young Socialist.  Under Nelson's editorship
the YS was a hell of a magazine! I remember reading this article back in
1970 when I was a new recruit to the YSA and it made a big impression on
me, growing up in Arizona which was still a Jim Crow state in many ways.

It always amuses me when lefties try to make themselves more "relevant"
by adapting themselves to this regionalist hoo-ha. Most of it, when not
downright reactionary, is just artificial Chamber of Commerce crap.  I
recall a local TV station's promo a few years ago for its news
coverage.  One of their newsbimbos was blathering on about how her
parents raised her with "good Wisconsin values." I remember thinking,
"what the hell is a 'good Wisconsin value?' Eating lots of cheese?"

David Altman

p.s. Please post this for me.  Thanks!

Louis Proyect
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