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>Such local groupings, dubbed citizen lists, make also good results,
>like the Motives list in Toulouse.
>Other significant traits of the election are the stability of global
>"rapport de force" between left and right, the progress of the Greens
>(which have an image of being somewhat critical of the left government in
>which they participate), and the continued decline of the PCF. Far right
>has also declined since 1995 and its split in two groupings, but is still

Yves-Marie, could you comment a bit on the significance of progressive
local movements like the Motives list (and the band Zebda) in Tolouse? Is
it a starting point for a broader movement that reflects a shift in the
political geography of France or do these movements and lists only indicate
momentary local fluctuations?



Zebda: Motivés

A Toulouse, un dimanche motivé
Douste-Blazy en tête, la gauche espère vaincre avec le soutien de la liste
Libération, Le lundi 12 mars 2001

«Allez, ouste ! Douste !» Le groupe Zebda a conclu cette nuit l’assemblée
générale de la liste Motivé-e-s par une chanson nouvelle en forme de
programme. A 83,5 %, les 263 votants de l’AG venaient de décider de
soutenir le socialiste François Simon au second tour contre l’UDF Philippe
Douste-Blazy. La soirée électorale de la gauche plurielle s’est mieux
terminée qu’elle n’avait commencé. Les chiffres définitifs sortis du
Capitole donnent toujours une sérieuse avance au candidat de la droite. A
41,58 %, Philippe Douste-Blazy peut espérer récupérer encore 8 % de voix en
allant pêcher du côté de son extrême droite. La gauche, elle, a du mal à
passer 48 % dans ses meilleurs totaux avec 27,85 % pour François Simon,
6,13 % pour les Verts et 12,38 % pour les Motivé-e-s. L’extrême gauche
obtient 4 %. Mais elle peut espérer que la dynamique sera de son côté
dimanche prochain. La fusion à gauche devrait en effet être conclue
mercredi par un meeting au Zénith où Zebda se fait fort d’attirer les
grandes foules. Il est moins certain que Philippe Douste-Blazy veuille
faire grande publicité des voix du FN et du MNR qui pourraient encore se
reporter sur son nom.
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Another interesting report is at: . ----

"Zebda, the Sound of the New France
By Bruce Crumley
Celebrating Zebda's mix of rock, rap, ska, Latin, Arab, and French
accordion music is something French fans - both young and old - are doing
in increasingly large numbers. Following the summer rush for the band's
CDs, French crowds are now looking for ways into the group's quickly
sold-out concerts: shows that, through years of work and literally non-stop
touring, have become a showcase of Zebda's lyrical wit, musical enthusiasm
and rare ability to generate enormous amounts of energy and good-will.
Indeed, the band's down to earth demeanor, playful sense of humor,
commitment to its music, and mastery of its unique style is reminiscent of
the British ska group Madness in its finest form.

For all the upbeat feelings it creates, however, Zebda's music and messages
focus on heavy and often divisive issues like immigration, assimilation,
racism, equality, and the problems facing residents of les banlieues - the
clusters of suburban public housing projects that ring most French cities,
and which remain disproportionally victimized by unemployment, growing
violence and unrest. Zebda also conveys the sentiments of the banlieues'
large immigrant and first-generation French populations, who feel shut off
and excluded by a larger, affluent, and white French society that seems to
determine "foreignness" on strictly ethnic and racial grounds.

Full article at:

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