Brian James hillbily at
Wed Mar 14 18:40:16 MST 2001

>> There is in his political writings a
>> certain nostalgia for an idealized "purer" capitalism that was supposed
>> to have existed sometime in the past.

>Hmm. Where?

I once heard a recorded lecture delivered by Chomsky in the late '60s in
which he extoled the visions of the founding fathers and pointed out
that many of their ideals-- local democracies of free small scale land
owners, etc--were nearly identical to the ideals of anarchism. In his
mature writing he continues to hold up the founding fathers as an
example of how America went wrong, presumably offering their example as
an alternative. I personally cannot comprehend how a person familiar
with Marx could revert to such naive idealism, understandable in
Jefferson's and Madison's time but not today. The Green movement follows
that path as well.

> The anarchists at best are harmless wishful thinkers. They owe an
> explanation of how counterrevolution(aries) are to be treated. Saying
> "exile them" is not good enough since a state and a standing army will
> be needed to protect the anarchist society from without. In other words,
> anarchism is not an evolutionary stable strategy.

I still have not got a reply from my anarchist buddies as to how they
would protect their ideal society from counter revolution. I don't think
anarchism is capable of answering that question.

Brian James

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