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<< . What seems to characterize
 Eastern European and former Soviet Union politics for the past 10 years or
 so is the determination of pro-capitalist forces to use uncompromising and
 militant street actions to achive their aims.  Meanwhile, the nominally
socialist forces use sclerotic, tepid, parliamentary methods >>

I think perhaps these forces, who perhaps seem to be simply pro-capitalists
using uncompromising street actions, are uin many cases part of elaborate
networks, financed and organized from the U.S., using the National Endowment
or the private forms like Goerge Soros,  as well as Germany, England and
other EU countries, or in Africa, using similar groups in South Africa which
are subsets of Soros, so that these actions have a colonial character.
Moreover, the old communist apparatuses in these countries are playing a
variety of roles.  For example, aspects of the CP in Bulgaria, namely the
secret apparatus, formed the UDF ("the right") and the open communists formed
the Socialist Party which now shares with the UDF a pro-NATO program. Both
the UDF and the SP in Bulgaria cooperate with the U.S. in the rape and
colonial makeover of Bulgaria. In other countries, like Yugoslavia, the old
CP's split into various factions.  One of the reasons the Serbian Socialists
are resisting the US takeover, is that the Serbs were victims of racism in
the old Yugoslavia and in fact Miloshevich's rise in the Serbian communist
party was coincident with a movement against bureaucracy and racism.
Meanwhile DOS is nnot simply pro-captialists. It is made up in large measure
of former communists or their children - parasites who had it easy in the old
communist apparatus and who are perfectly willing now to serve NATO to get
back their old lifestyle, whereas they loathe the uneducated bumpkins in the
Socialist Party.

I think perhaps the decisive question is: to what extent are any of the old
communists who have NOT sold out to the US/Germany, etc., capable of seeing
that it is the transformation of thinking through struggle combined with the
political exposure of the pro-Western flunkies that is this which is
decisive( the sort of thing discussed in Lenin's book "What is to be Done")
In Serbia the SPS is trying to do this with some energy.

One of the big problems in the communist  countries was the inculcation of
passivity combined with amazing illusions about the West.

I can't discuss Moldova because I don't know enough about it.


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