Sam Pawlett rsp at
Thu Mar 15 11:07:33 MST 2001

Jim Farmelant wrote:
> Murray Bookchin, to my knowledge has in recent years become sharply
> critical of this brand of anarchism.

Yes he wrote a pamphlet called "lifestlyle anarchism vs. political
anarchism" or something like that.

> "personal liberation" type people back in the '60s marched against the
> Vietnam War and fought the draft.  Many of the "politicos" back then
> smoked dope and dropped acid.  However, now a days, it no longer
> seems to make much sense to celebrate "personal liberationism"
> as inherently revolutionary, the way people like Bookchin did back then.

I don't have a problem with 'personal liberation' it's just that in my
experience it isn't very liberating i.e. I still have to wake  up beside
a stranger and go to work with a hangover. Personal liberation as a
political stance is vacuous, it has become the main cultural ideology of
contemporary capitalism. 'Personal liberation'  and 'alternative
lifestyles' are staples of today's marketing firms and ad agencies, you
can be a rebel or live 'alternatively' just by consuming the goodies of
the 'new' economy. Perhaps in the past--when Bookchin was writing--
listening to loud rocknroll, taking drugs, living in a warehouse and
wearing your hair differently was a form of cultural rebellion, but not
anymore. This has been analyzed at great length(and ad nauseam) by Tom
Frank and his Baffler magazine.

Sam Pawlett

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