Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at
Thu Mar 15 16:32:48 MST 2001

> I still have not got a reply from my anarchist buddies as to how they
> would protect their ideal society from counter revolution. I don't think
> anarchism is capable of answering that question.
> Brian James

That's exactly the theoretical divergence that I always have with them as well. In
fact, some of the things they do focus on show to me (perhaps this is unfair) that
Anarchists geneuinely don't believe in revolutionary possibilities of the seizure of
power. When we can't change the world, we change one another- and there is a heavy
strain of looking like (clothes, hair-cut, etc) and buying the "right" things
(boycotts are a major plank).

To me, trying to find the "good" corporations is tantamount to saying that their is
exactly such a beast. I personally don't believe that. I'll help a strike, and
considering the small size of ventures by the left- I'll help out by shopping at left
projects (bookstores, for example).

The edge of purity can become quite ridiculous after awhile, actually.


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