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Thu Mar 15 18:40:07 MST 2001


I think your proposed study of anarchism is useful and enlightening. And
not only because the "movement against globalisation" [sic.] exhibits some
distinct anarchistic features (the first forms of a new political awareness
that is growing). Marx said that one of his favourite maxims or motto's was
"de omnibus dubitandum" ("you must be able to have your doubts about
everything"). Indeed - a healthy, constructive doubt about everything,
including Marxism itself, is important to have. And for this anarchism is
an indispensable source. In fact, I take the view that it takes a good
anarchist to keep a Marxist honest. Apart from this, I think one should
distinguish between varieties of anarchism, just as we distinguish between
varieties of Marxism, and not think it is "all of one cloth".



Louis Proyect
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