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Hi Lou:

Please post this in reply to Carrol:

In regard to the masterly advice Carrol gave us all, and me in particular
(please see excerpt below.)

I abhor everything there was about the slave south, and have not written
explicitly or implicitly anything to the contrary.

The fact that the slaveowners were thugs doesn't change the fact that the
south was treated as a defeated nation. As abhorrent as all of the yankee
thugs were, and are, I would have fought for the union as did the Marxists
of the time. I am for opening the doors of the prisons, and letting
everyone out as a matter of fact - and advocated that position publicly for
years - so why lecture me - or anyone else about convicts being more
deserving of respect than southern gentlemen? I think you were right, you
are making points that don't need to be made - at least not in reply to
anything written on this list.

"You mean a defeated gang of thugs. No discussion of 'the south' can be
legitimate which treats the slavedrivers as a legitimate political
community. The convicts in U.S prisons today are a far more legitimate or
respectable human community tha those murderous white gentlemen of the old

There can be no rational discussion of u.s. history until this is taken as
axiomatic. The great crime of the U.S. government was that it did not
confiscate all the property of these criminals and sednd them into
permanent exile, deprived of citizenship. There can be no legitimate
political force in the south that does not reject with utter contempt any
"southern heritage" that even as a footnote honors that mass murderer,
Robt. E. Lee. What were the Union casualties in the war of the
slavedrivers' insurrection? What might they have been if Lee had honored
his oaths of loyalty?"


Louis Proyect
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