zizek is coming

cc136 at SPAMcornell.edu cc136 at SPAMcornell.edu
Fri Mar 16 11:04:23 MST 2001

        Dear comrades,
        Zizek is coming to speak here at Cornell University.  He'll be
giving two lectures - "Can we compare holocaust and gulag?  A Lacanian
approach" on March 26 and "Yugoslavia: The Burden of Being the Stuff
Others' Dreams are Made of" on March 27.  If anyone would like to come up
with some pointed questions, I'd be happy to try to confront Mr. Z and
report back to the list.  There are lots of folks more versed in the
Yugoslavia issue than me on the list, so I'd be happy to serve as proxy.

        Chris Carrick
        PhD Candidate
        Department of City and Regional Planning
        Cornell University

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