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Tony Abdo aabdo at
Fri Mar 16 12:17:50 MST 2001

I'd like to thank Anthony for bravely jumping (partially on my behalf)
into this silly whirlpool of Leftists that feel the need to insult,
castigate, mislabel the positions of, and just plain outright
misrepresent the positions of any comrade that might even try to broach
any aspect of this topic of US regional historical antagonism between
the North and the South.    Brave but foolhearty, since it is evident
that emotion often transcends reason in this discussion.

That's because all things 'south' seem to  equal racism in the mindsets
of kneejerk antiracists.     It makes it very hard to examine any aspect
of the failure of the Left to organize at present in the Southern
states.      To try to do so, is to open oneself to charges of being
illiterate, spreading stupid generalization, being antisemitic, being
pro-Dixiecrat history, or in the latest novel assertion.....
participating and discussing in a thread that is 'poisonous'!

It might seem rather logical to assert that the defeated were treated as
the defeated?      But this cannot be allowed, unless in the same breath
you call the defeated ....utter scum, gang of thugs, murderers, and so
on infinitum... to demonstrate one's total 'contempt'.

The question becomes, just who are the people now recieving this
contempt?     It certainly isn't General Robert E. Lee.     Sorry..... I
meant... Mafioso Thug Lee.     He's dead, Carrol.

But what is certainly not dead, is the US business's community's ability
to manipulate the North against the South, and the reverse.     This is
what motivated me to even broach the broad topic (Yankees vs.
Southerners) to begin with.

The North has a pride in its righteousness, and the South has a pride in
its mean spirited obstinance.     And 'pride' (defensiveness) is what
brings us both down to our knees.     But then I'm generalizing again,

Still...... the two prides do keep us apart.      Just like city and

How can the partially unionized North, come together with the almost
holy ununionized South?      One thing we can all agree on (I
think)..... is that the Southern Black worker will be the group that
moves things forward.

Can the Northern based labor organizations and radical groups provide
vehicles for national fusion with the radicalizing elements in the South
(Black, White, Asian, and Brown?      Do they even know that they should
make the effort?       We have to at least be able to talk about the
subject, without getting too sidetracked into Reconstruction, Robert E.
Lee, and the nature of scaliwags and carpetbaggers.      Or the nature
of the SWP in the '60s and '70s.

If the labor movement can't get its act together in the South, then it
will be lost in the North, also.    It's as simple as that.


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