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>The North has a pride in its righteousness, and the South has a pride in
>its mean spirited obstinance.     And 'pride' (defensiveness) is what
>brings us both down to our knees.     But then I'm generalizing again,

No, you are not generalizing. You are using the kind of rhetoric found in
neo-Confederate circles. In fact the North was righteous. Our heroes are
John Brown, Thaddeus Stevens, William Lloyd Garrison and Frederick
Douglass. Karl Marx wrote articles in the Herald Tribune on behald of the
righteous north. The Civil War had aspects of a revolutionary class struggle.

There are no southern heroes. Just as there were no heroes defending
apartheid. Only villains. The political goal of the revolutionary movement
is to wipe every vestige of the confederacy off the face of the earth, from
Dixie flags to celebrations of Southern victories on the battlefield. As
dramatized by fights to remove Dixie flags from statehouses, this is a very
real struggle going on right now and it ill befits a Marxism mailing list
to make concessions to the notion that this was just a war between the
states, as if we were talking about soccer wars in Latin America or wars
over dynastic succession in 17th century Europe.

This is something I received offlist from an African student:

Closer to home, I'm wondering what mental gymnastics must be required to
lament the south, the south of oligarchs and slave owners no less, being
treated as a defeated enemy--- and all this on your list of all places!!

Louis Proyect
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