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Subject: FTAA and services

     One of the most disturbing facets of the proposed Free Trade Area of
the Americas (FTAA) is the attempt to extend its provisions to cover the
trade in services.  Of course, another really disturbing thing about the
FTAA is its secretive nature.  A few years ago some whistleblowers
managed to get their hands on the drafts of the Multilateral Agreement on
Investment (MAI) and post it on the Internet for the entire world to see.
In response the OECD decided they'd have to put a version of their own on
the web to mollify an outraged public.  Sadly no one has been able to pull
this off with the FTAA, although I'm sure there must be hackers working on
it somewhere?

     Anyway, as part of the Student/Labor Day of Action on April 4, my
group is putting together a teach-in on the FTAA in cooperation with the
Alliance for Progressive Action (APA), our local Jobs with Justice
affiliate.  It's preliminary to local actions we plan to have around April
20 at the same time as the activities in Quebec City are going on.  For
the teach-in, we plan to have a student speaker (someone active in USSA)
talk about how the FTAA might affect education.  Naturally the
trade-in-services provisions are the most likely culprits.

     Robin Alexander over at the UE referred me to the Alliance for
Democracy, which has apparently produced something called the GATS
Handbook, which talks about the General Agrement on Trade in Services.
The theory is that FTAA is going to be modeled on GATS provisions.  I've
contacted the Alliance for Democracy, but I'm wondering if anyone knows of
any other resources on this stuff out there as well, preferably something
readily accessible on the World Wide Web.


     John Lacny

Louis Proyect
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