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> But,
> anyway, there are a  bunch of examples of people from south of the
> Mason-Dixon Line who tried to do the right thing back then.  Southern
> history ought to recover their stories and put them forward, as it purges
> the other drek.  And see how complicated this history really was certainly
> ought to go against reified cultural traits.

May I humbly suggest that this is one of the tasks that the Left should
accomplish in order to gain root in the South. I agree with most what has been
told here on the reactionarism of "Southern patriotism" (the South was not a
nation, a political program, wrote Marx). At the same time, however, I agree
with both Tonys in that even from this faraway vintage point it is possible to
see that Southern workers in the USA are paid worse wages, live in worst
conditions, etc., than their Northern counterparts. There has probably never
been a New Deal in the South.

Now, if this is true, then it is also a serious question to ask oneself "How
will these workers be won to struggle for socialism, being as they are the most
exploited ones in everyday life terms (not necessarily in terms of rate of
exploitation, and so on)?".

If I understand them well, Tony A. and Tony B. are pointing out this, which
should be almost matter of fact for any attempt to develop a deeply rooted Left
in the United States. Commenting something by Carrol Cox, I remarked that in my
very humble opinion, the day the white workers would accept leadership of the
black brothers would be the day of revolution in the USA. I would add, now,
that the day the black workers from the South (and Chicano workers, and
maquiladora workers) are won to socialism they will most naturally become the
spearhead of a revolution in the USA.

The above has little, if any, to do with the tradition of the Confederacy, but
a lot to do with those who in the South fought for the Union. _That_ is the
Southern tradition that may be lacking in the American Left. Or maybe I am
completely wrong?

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