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Carrol Cox cbcox at
Fri Mar 16 18:42:22 MST 2001

Gorojovsky wrote:
> told here on the reactionarism of "Southern patriotism" (the South was not a
> nation, a political program, wrote Marx). At the same time, however, I agree
> with both Tonys in that even from this faraway vintage point it is possible to
> see that Southern workers in the USA are paid worse wages, live in worst
> conditions, etc., than their Northern counterparts. There has probably never
> been a New Deal in the South.

That is because their racism leads them to oppose their own interests.
And only accepting black leadership will let them break with their
racism. And only a strong and independent black movement can create a
context in which more white workers will began to think of themslves as
workers rather tha as whites. And a black workers movement in the south
will of course attack all confederate symbols, all nostalgia for the old
south. It is simply impossible for someone to think of him/herself as a
"southerner" and not fall victim to racism.

Racism makes workers incompetent to think or struggle in their own class

There is _no_ short way to radicalize white workers n the south. The
long way is through supporting black struggles in every way possible and
refusing to make even the tiniest compromise with even rempte symbols of
racism. When southern whites began to sing "we'll hang marse robert from
a sour apple tree," then there is hope for them. And eventually they
will -- but not through radicals trying to soothe their feelings or
appealing to their false feelings of loyalty to "the south." See a truck
with a confederate flag -- a scab is at the wheel.


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