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> >>what does he mean by comparing holocaust and gulag from a Lacanian
>perspective? any suggestions to deconstruct?.. I am totally lost.<<
>I've been trying to deconstruct "Lacanian" for a while now and the best I've
>come up with is "anal canal".

hey!! Wasn't it also Freud who was kind of denying (mystifying) child abuse
by implication? --the whole notion that a child imagines in the
subconscious to be with his/her parents. I have always found this as
fascinating as "anal canal"..

I am sure James Heartfield had a lot to say about these issues, if he
happened to be here.
His latest views on food and mouth disease, like his regular views on
racism, sexism and homophobia, are in the mood of interpreting the issue in
terms of "moral panic" instead of in terms of capitalist destruction. In
the latest issue of LM,  there is a similar line of reasoning about animal
rights too.  Himm.... Very fascinating!!

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