Regional Differences and the US Left

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Sat Mar 17 07:02:35 MST 2001

Tony Abdo:
>In some sense, how to relate to the White worker, is just as much a
>dilemma, as how to relate to the deeply religious worker???      What
>success would Lou, Jose, Carrol, Mark, and some of the other
>'hardliners' have, if they started talking to the Christian worker,
>about how the Christians deserved to be thrown to the lions?     That
>the Christian inquisition and collaboration with the Nazis demonstrated
>that the Christian religion was a totally worthless and despicable
>delusion of scoundrels  and murderers (which it is)?

This is really dumb. The FSLN worked closely with liberation theology
activists and priests. When it took power, the directorate actually
included a couple of revolutionary priests. There is no such thing as
"liberation slavery" activists.

>We don't want to cater to backwardness, but should we cater to
>tactlessness, instead?    And this is the key to why it is important to
>construct an indigenous multi-racial Movement in the South.
>'Outsiders' are inherently tactless to locals, when it is they that have
>control in the centers of power.

Where is the Marxism, Tony? I am suffocating from your personal
observations. When I read a paragraph like this, I feel like I am crawling
through the desert dying of thirst. A glass of water would be a concrete
examples of the left in the south, the CP in particular whose experience in
the 20s through 40s has absolutely nothing to do with your solipistic
travels through memory lane. Get over your personal pains from the Houston
branch, Tony. I got over mine.

>The South was home in all its bitterness to the slave also.

I see you've been reading Genovese, or at least channeling him unconsciously.

Louis Proyect
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