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Mark Jones jones.mark at SPAMbtconnect.com
Sat Mar 17 07:47:14 MST 2001

Mine wrote:

>I have always found this as
>fascinating as "anal canal"..

Dunno if I want to go here but I can tell you that if James Heartfield thinks
f&m is a moral panic, he should still be wary of going into the beautiful
English countryside right now, because army snipers are roaming around
shooting anything that looks woolly and confused.

Incidentally, no-one I've read has really latched onto to the key thing about
the f&m outbreak which is that the extent and severity of it is a direct
function of the intensification and complexification of agribiz; what it shows
is that when social breakdowns do occur nowadays, they are spectacularly
devastating in their effects and on-costs. I lived in Shropshire during the
last outbreak in the 1960s, and that was a nightmare but still it was possible
to contain the spread of disease. Not today evidently. Complexity which grows
hypostatically on an ever-narrower material basis ensures (as with ancient
Rome) that when breakdown does come, it is sudden, unexpected, final,
irretrievable, and changes everything overnight.


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