Regional Differences and the US Left

Tony Abdo aabdo at
Sat Mar 17 07:57:02 MST 2001

Lou, I'm not writing about the Houston branch.     I'm writing about the
year 2001.   The problem might be, that the Houston branch discussion
infights, where you were part of the packing from the NO, is just about
the closest exposure to thinking about how to do something in the South
that you will ever consider.

This whole thing about Genovese is a  herring (of some aceptable
coloring on this list) to personally insult and make impossible any
discussion.     I'm not so sure you did get over what you learned in
Houston?     Ask yourself.

Personally, I feel this whole effort to denigrate as closet racist any
discussion relating to US Left fears of confronting the task of
organizing in the South, is pure bunk.      Not exactly one of the
finest moments in marxist history.

Even the Civil Rights Movement missed Texas.    The Communist Party
never had a moment here.     Oklahoma is a Black Hole for the Left.
Maybe this doesn't mean anything to you, but to someone whose life has
revolved around living in this region, it does.

<Where is the marxism, Tony?>

Well, we don't have much of it down here, Lou.     Why is that?     Too
much racism, no doubt.      I await any posting of Communist Heritage in
Texas that you might come up with/// to prove me racist, wrong, and

<Get over your personal pains from the Houston branch, Tony. I got over
(The South was home in all its bitterness to the slave also.)
I see you've been reading Genovese, or at least channeling him

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