Regional Differences and the US Left

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Sat Mar 17 08:28:29 MST 2001

Tony Abdo:
>Even the Civil Rights Movement missed Texas.    The Communist Party
>never had a moment here.     Oklahoma is a Black Hole for the Left.
>Maybe this doesn't mean anything to you, but to someone whose life has
>revolved around living in this region, it does.

You might have lived in the area your entire life, but since when were you
an expert on the CP in Texas or Oklahoma? You really need to back up your
assertions with facts once in a while, just to sort of pretend that you
were interested in scholarship rather than banal opinionizing.

>much racism, no doubt.      I await any posting of Communist Heritage in
>Texas that you might come up with/// to prove me racist, wrong, and

What would be the use of me digging into the history of the CP in the
southwest? You'd only ignore it like you ignored my posting of Mark Solomon
on the CP in Alabama. The only thing that you take seriously is your own

Louis Proyect
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