tech notes 17/03/01

Les Schaffer schaffer at
Sat Mar 17 12:05:24 MST 2001

1.) Panix seems to be doubling up on the odd post here and there. i'll
look into the problem, in the meantime, you may get a double post or

2.) if you post something to the list, e.g.  if it contains an
attachment or is html formatted, it will bounce to me and i will fix
and resend or bounce back to you for reformatting. so, if you post
something and it does not appear right away, its possible it has
bounced to me and i just havent got around to forwarding it
yet. resist the temptation to send twice or more until you check with

note bene: i don't _always_ live next to my terminal. so do allow some
"processing time".

3.) i am working on building monthly message indexes for _all_ marxism
list posts both on Lou's top 100 list as well as on the mail-archive
site. a few more weeks and i should having something to start working

for now, i will index only on Author, Date, and Subject.  indexing
like this works optimally then when a Subject: line is directly
relevant to a post. comrades are urged to ensure that their Subject:
header matches their post's content whenever possible.

4.) i have some ideas in response to Patrick Bond's requests that this
list allow posts to contain the full content of a browseable Web
Page. will post on this issue next week. in the meantime, please
continue to refrain from posting more than a few paragraphs of content
from a page which is freely browseable via the web.

5.) occasionally people send posts to the list which appear to
originate from Microsoft Word documents. unless you are especially
handy at converting Word files to plain text, you can simply send me
the original Word doc offlist and i will reformat in seconds and ship
to the list in appropriate format. this will help to avoid the dreaded
staircase problem, fix several binary-character to ascii conversion
issues, and reduce general clutter from various assorted Microsoft

6.) i owe several people replies to posts from the last few weeks
requesting help on various posting issues. will get to them all by
early next week.

les schaffer

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