Regional Differences and the US Left

Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at
Sat Mar 17 17:10:00 MST 2001

> So Carrol's ...the Whites have to accept Black leadership... view, is
> quite a mistatement of what has to be mobilized ahead.    Leadership has
> to come from ALL ethnic commuities living in the South.    This is
> precisely identical with the situation as in the country as a whole.

I don't agree, from what I know. Having only spent younger tourist time in Americas
South, freely ignore my point- but it would seem to me that saying that "ALL ethnic
communities living in the South" are to be those who lead a mobilization is a lot
like saying that in Israel it must be a joint Israeli/Palestinian struggle from the
beginning. This is wholly false, and will lead nowhere fast. I would imagine much the
same dynamic arising from "Y'all" as well. If you work together as a class across
racial (etc) lines, then you had better have subordinated whites to black leadership.

Now, we know that *good* leadership can emerge in this dynamic. The same is true of
men in every struggle- we need to have women in positions of leadership. Which leaves
me with a question for Carrol here: In the South (let's say) such leadership doesn't
emerge from Blacks or women. I am concerned as to what to do then. A revolutionary
movement cannot afford (politically or morally) tokenism. So what then?


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