August Willich

Philip Ferguson plf13 at
Sat Mar 17 17:25:57 MST 2001

A few weeks ago, someone posted a question asking if anyone knew anything
abut August Willich.  Lou and I posted details of several books in which he

Last week, however, I came across his name again.  I was giving a lecture
on the Marx Women, and came across a referendce to him in a chapter on
Jenny (Westphalen) Marx, written by Edna Healy in her book on  Mrses
Livingstone, Darwin and Marx.  Healy mentioned that Willich pursued Jenny
Marx for a while.  This was when the Marxes had been marrried for a number
of years and were living in London.  I think he may have come a-calling
when Karl was over in Europe.  Anyway, Willich challenged Marx to a duel.
Marx, wisely, didn't pick up the glove that was thrown down.  However, one
of Marx's young supporters took up the challenge on Marx's behalf, and he
and Willich went to france to fight the duel.  Marx's rather
over-enthusaistic young supporter was shot in the head.  Thankfully,
however, he survived the ordeal.

Philip Ferguson

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