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Sat Mar 17 20:45:04 MST 2001

I think this post very concretely examines the capitalist causes of
the spread of mad cow disease (bovine spongiform encepholopathy
-- BSE), the drive for profit and the need to reduce costs, and how
the way governments are trying to shove the costs of struggling
against BSE off on the small farmers.

I do NOT think it is an accident that the country which was the
origin of BSE -- England -- is the center of the latest outbreak of
hoof-and-mouth disease.

The most recent issue of the medical journal Emerging Diseases,
which is published by the Centers for Diseases Control in the US,
(Jan-Feb, 2001), raises an extremely chilling question about the
human form of BSE (called variant Cruetzfeld-Jacob Disease -- I
hope I have the spelling right -- I am not at home with my notes).

Variant CJD has killed about 90 people in England, two in France
and a few elsewhere.  The authors of the article in Emerging
Diseases say that depending on the incubation period of vCJD --
which is not known precisely but ranges from 5 to 15 years -- either
a hundred of so people will dies or as many as ONE HUNDRED
THOUSAND people will die.

Diseases like BSE are not just expensive to irradicate but they are
also deadly.

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