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Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Sat Mar 17 20:56:48 MST 2001

Hi Lou:

Please, please, post this.

I want to thank Hunter Gray for his remarks on the rancourous discussion on
the South. His are the sanest so far, and should be read carefully by

I also want to ask you, Lou, to post my earlier reply to Carrol.

I think Carrol, in his hatred of racism - which we all share, has gone off
the deep end in his polemic. He is fighting against things that no one
said, and no one thinks - just for the sake of fighting. Keep on fighting
Carrol, but direct your fire against the enemy, not against your friends.
Correct your freinds in a comradely way, please.

I think the discussion of hte South here could be important.

The issue of the South is important.

Up to this point however, the passions of past factional disputes int he
SWP, and of past failures of the left, has so far overwhadowed the real
issues of today.

Lou - you casitgate Tony for not showing a shred of Marxism - but you
yourself on occasion dive to the bottom of the lake. Give me a fucking break.

Tony's observations about the South today are valuable.  But you don't seem
to be interested in them. Instead you seem to want to drive him away from
this list.

What's going on?

Comradely wishes to all. Anthony

Louis Proyect
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