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Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Sat Mar 17 21:03:49 MST 2001

>Lou - you casitgate Tony for not showing a shred of Marxism - but you
>yourself on occasion dive to the bottom of the lake. Give me a fucking break.
>Tony's observations about the South today are valuable.  But you don't seem
>to be interested in them. Instead you seem to want to drive him away from
>this list.
>What's going on?
>Comradely wishes to all. Anthony

Actually, I think it's about time to wind this thread down. One of the
things I've learned from forerunners to this list and from others on the
leftwing of cyberspace is that it is useful to not allow discussions to go
on interminably, particularly when more heat than light is being generated.
 I will allow anybody who has anything further to say to take one more post
to say it between now and 6pm Sunday and then we move on to other topics.

Louis Proyect
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