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I kind of agree with João Paulo here.  I don't know the details of the
issue, but Edna Heally seems  to be off the mark here; ie Willich "pursuing
or seducing Jenny" (men pursuing women kind of rhetoric). Willich was
visiting the couple's house regulary.He might have been interested in
Jenny, but I would not automatically take the purpose of these visits as
seducing his comrade's wife. Who knows? may be Jenny was interested in his
visits as well. Nothing wrong with this. It too looked to me that the duel
offfer had very little to do with Jenny. However stupid it sounds, it was
becaue of a clash of ideas within the central commitee of the communist league.

let's leave aside these old fashioned patriachal ideas comrades!

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>This may be something of an exaggeration.
>After the defeat of 1849, the german left went into exile. August Willich, a
>military by training, had commanded the republican troops in Baden. Friedrich
>Engels, who fought there under his orders, was left with a good impression of
>his courage and skills.
>However, when Willich came to London he definitely fell on the wrong side of
>Marx. He was one of those revolutionaries who wanted nothing but action,
>and more action. He had the most profound scorn for Marx's theoretical
>work. He
>was also vain and presumptuous. He made a bad impression on the Marxes by
>visiting them early in the morning with colorful clothes and excessive
>cordiality. Jenny was left with the impression that he tried to seduce her
>in her memoirs, mentions the fact that he wanted to visit her and "pursue the
>worm that lives in any marriage".
>However, this duel proposal had nothing to do with Jenny. It happened, in the
>Spring of 1950, during a meeting of the central committee of the Communist
>League after a violent clash of ideas and strategies. Marx's caution on this
>occasion was, quite fortunately, in marked contrast with his habit of throwing
>veiled duel proposals to many other opponents. The young Marx supporter that
>took the challenge was Konrad Schramm.

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