wall street

Charles Brown CharlesB at SPAMCNCL.ci.detroit.mi.us
Sun Mar 18 11:44:54 MST 2001

>>> snedeker at concentric.net 03/18/01 12:52PM >>>
> >What's the difference between Wallstreet and a casino ?C.B.

this is argument through metaphor, or is it "analogy"? one might say that
investing in the stock market is the moral equal of investing in the 18
century slave trade.

I still think we need some insight into the relationship between production
of value and this form of gambling. who is dealing the hand? G.S.


CB: Whose the house and whose he suckers.  Does the stockmarket distribute wealth more
evenly , or does it contribute to concentration of wealth with an illusion that
everybody can be a winner ?

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