Capitalist versus non-capitalist modernity was Re: English farmers,hoof and mouth disease crisis + " mad cow"

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Sun Mar 18 16:27:07 MST 2001

What is going on in this thread is not simply a discussion of the
dialectics of agribusiness, vital though that is for socialists to
understand and critique from a "socialist" rather than a non-socialist

The central problem with the LM comrades is their refusal to make a
distinction between capitalist and non-capitalist modernity.  They embrace
the analysis of modernity in the Manifesto and turn it into a hymn of joy.

"All that is holy is profaned" - hurrah.  "All that is solid melts into
air" - Hurrah.

They refuse to see as Marx did that despite all its mighty achievements
capitalist modernity is powered by the drive for profit, and that makes it
in essence anti-human, anti our species.

What of non-capitalist modernity?  This is the missing element in the
political equation but of course it has been anticipated at moments within
capitalist modernity.  If you want an example look no further than the
internet and all those computer programmers who shared their knowledge for
free with everyone. Think of our moderator (and he will hate me for saying
this),  but he finances this list personally where he could be using his
computer skills to amass private wealth. Compare all that with Bill Gates
and you can see the difference between the two modernities.

It is the drive for profit which by the way is keeping modernity back.  It
is this which is the real enemy, but LMers give the impression that they
are happiest attacking the residual pre-modern elements in society rather
than taking on the basic flaws in capitalist modernity.



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