Capitalist versus non-capitalist modernity was Re: English farmers ,hoof and mouth disease crisis + " mad cow"

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Sun Mar 18 16:36:00 MST 2001

>The central problem with the LM comrades is their refusal to make a
>distinction between capitalist and non-capitalist modernity.  They embrace
>the analysis of modernity in the Manifesto and turn it into a hymn of joy.

I don't think it makes sense to speak of them as comrades. If you look at
their new website, you can't even find archives for back issues of LM
magazine that have references to Marx or socialism, after a fashion. I
believe that their transmogrification is complete, from Marxists
fetishizing certain formulations in the CM to libertarians on a crusade for
higher level educational standards, the right to hunt foxes and all the
rest of what my grandma called mishegoyim. Talk about a butterfly turning
into a catepillar.

Louis Proyect
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