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by Jared Israel [17 March 2001]

Gentleness is a virtue, my friends.

With this in mind, note how the U.S. military dealt recently with some
terrorists, or as the media calls them, 'ethnic Albanian rebels', or

The terrorists were returning to Kosovo after being rudely received by
security forces in the country called Former Macedonia. They were in a hurry
to get home.

"Jim Marshal, spokesman for the U.S.-led contingent of the KFOR [i.e., NATO]
multinational peacekeeping force, said the men appeared to be dumping their
uniforms and weapons before heading towards Kosovo.

'"We saw a lot of men in black uniforms crossing into Kosovo, entering
buildings, changing out of their uniforms, leaving their weapons and coming civilian clothes,' Marshal told reporters in the Kosovo village of
Debelde, where U.S. troops are monitoring the trouble.

'''We have seen machine guns and some RPGs (rocket-propelled grenades) and
light weapons,' he said.

'Anyone who crossed into Kosovo would be detained and searched, he said. 'We
will disarm them and detain them and investigate each case individually. It
is up to KFOR to decide about further investigations,' Marshal said.

"'We are talking with the civilians here in Debelde to convince the armed men
to hand over their weapons and finish this thing."'  (My emphasis, 'Reuters',

U.S. forces were following the terrorists closely enough to watch as they
disrobed and entered a town which U.S. military spokesman Marshall calls
'here'. That town was Debelde, coincidentally the place where U.S. forces
(including, apparently, Mr. Marshall) were stationed.

"We saw [the terrorists] entering buildings, changing out of their uniforms,"
said Mr. Marshall.

Isn't this remarkable? The U.S. military and the terrorists shared the same
home base; the U.S. military knew exactly where the terrorists were at all
times; but the U.S. military did not prevent the terrorists from attacking
Macedonia. Nor did it stop them from illegally entering Kosovo, nor swoop
down and arrest the terrorists as they were "dumping their uniforms and
weapons", nor immediately turn them over to the Macedonian security forces
whom they had attacked with rocket-propelled grenades, etc.

As you may recall, the BBC has reported:

"Western special forces were still training the guerrillas [i.e., the
terrorists attacking Serbia and Former Macedonia] as a result of decisions
taken before the change of government in Yugoslavia " ('BBC', Monday, 29
January, 2001)

Could Mr. Marshall have been engaging in double talk? Could this be a case of
Washington simultaneously sponsoring and lamenting 'Greater Albanian'

Why did the terrorists return 'here', that is, to U.S. headquarters?

Keep in mind that these so-called 'rebels' are none other than the Kosovo
Liberation Army, recycled. Ever since the KLA was glued together by German
and US 'intelligence' from a mishmash of drug traffickers, children of World
War II Nazis and diehard supporters of the late Albanian leader, Enver Hoxha,
said KLA has never won a battle against people with actual guns, e.g., the
Yugoslav Army. The KLA's specialty is drive-by shootings and cutting the
throats of civilians, preferably elderly people or children under five.

Now a group of KLA'ers had invaded Macedonia and received an unexpectedly
harsh reception.That is, the local security forces shot back at them. So they
turned tail and fled to the U.S. base in Debelde to complain, shedding
weapons and clothing as they went.

Why to Debelde? Doesn't it make sense that Debelde was a base for those
"Western special forces [who] were still training the guerrillas"?

But just as the U.S. military was able to observe the terrorists shedding
their clothing as they raced back from Former Macedonia, so could the Former
Macedonian security forces who had routed the terrorists. Everyone concerned
was aware: the terrorists were fleeing to a U.S. base.

This must have been embarrassing for the U.S. military command. In an effort
to spin gold from misfortune, military spokesman Marshall called a press
conference. The U.S. military would take action, he declared. "Everyone who
crossed into Macedonia would be detained and searched."

At first this sounds good, but on reflection it is not clear what Mr.
Marshall's men could hope to find since, according to him, the terrorists had
thrown away clothing and weapons as they rushed back to Debelde. Were they
going to search for tattoos? In a flash of perhaps unintended humor, Mr.
Marshall added that:

"We will... investigate each case individually..."

'Individually' has a nicely American ring, but again, what did Mr. Marshall
expect to discover? That some of the terrorists had perfectly good reasons
for attacking Macedonia with "machine guns and some RPGs (rocket-propelled
grenades) and light weapons" whereas others were being quite naughty?

And what would the U.S. military do after it was done searching and
individually investigating? Mr. Marshall left that question open. "It will be
up to KFOR to decide about further investigations,'' he said.

Aside from the fact that Washington controls KFOR, the U.S. does not proceed
with such restraint and deliberation when it comes to the Serbs. Consider the
following from Mr. Shawn Sullivan.

Mr. Sullivan is described in the press as the "political adviser to the KFOR
commander", Italian General Carlo Cabigiosu. This makes him the New World
Order's equivalent of a Commisar. Based on this lofty position and a look at
his activities, it would appear Mr. Sullivan is one of the key people
exercising Washington's control over KFOR. He may be CIA, but that is beside
the point.

Asked what might happen if a Serbian shell were to accidentally land in a
KFOR base near southern Serbia, Mr. Sullivan replied, without awaiting a full
investigation, "It would be the worst thing the [Yugoslav] government could

"Asked if Kfor would retaliate, he replied: 'I would think so. I don't think
we would accept an "Oops, we're sorry'." ('The Daily Telegraph,' 28 February

But when it comes to KLA terrorists observed throwing away rocket-propelled
grenades after non-accidentally trying to murder policemen, uncooperative
ethnic Albanians and others in Former Macedonia, the U.S. military is humbled
by a Great Ambiguity Before The Law.


Actually there is nothing ambiguous about the law concerning KLA terrorists.
Even UN resolution 1244, which is NATO's justification for being in Kosovo,

"...the commitment of all Member States to the sovereignty and territorial
integrity of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and the other States of the
region, as set out in the Helsinki Final Act and annex 2..."

The terrorists are attacking Yugoslavia and Former Macedonia, i.e., "the
States of the region." The U.S. military is required to seize them and turn
them over to the legal authorities in those countries. Period.

In a dispatch that almost surely referred to the United States and Britain,
the 'BBC' reported that :

"...certain Nato-led K-For forces were not preventing the guerrillas taking
mortars and other weapons into the exclusion zone

"The guerrilla units had been able to hold exercises there, including
live-firing of weapons, despite the fact that K-For patrols the zone."
('BBC', Jan 29, 2001)

UN Resolution 1244 has many faults. One fault is that it was forced on
Yugoslavia through the worst possible violation of international law - the 78
day bombing of Yugoslavia. Moreover, Resolution 1244 states that the Yugoslav
government has suppressed the rights of ethnic Albanians, which is simply a
lie invented to justify NATO's crimes including sponsoring terrorism and
bombing a sovereign nation. (1)

However even Resolution 1244:

"15. Demands that the KLA and other armed Kosovo Albanian groups end
immediately all offensive actions and comply with the requirements for
demilitarization as laid down by the head of the international security
presence in consultation with the Special Representative of the
Secretary-General;" (3)

Yet the KLA, trained by "Western special forces", has been attacking southern
Serbia for more than a year and is now attacking Former Macedonia.

I submit that the United States and Britain are using KLA terrorists as a
wedge to help undermine the sovereignty of Yugoslavia and Former Macedonia.
This is a direct violation of the Helsinki Final Act, a cornerstone of
international law, which commits its signers, including the United States and
Britain :

"To refrain from any use of armed forces inconsistent with the purposes and
principles of the Charter of the United Nations and the provisions of the
Declaration on Principles Guiding Relations between Participating States,
against another participating State, in particular from invasion of or attack
on its territory.

"To refrain from any manifestation of force for the purpose of inducing
another participating State to renounce the full exercise of its sovereign
rights." (2)
While it sponsors terrorist attacks on sovereign nations, the United States
government and its various covert and overt conduits (of money)
simultaneously organize and fund "civil society" groups in targeted nations
around the world. The "civil society" groups preach that targeted nations
must learn to respect the rule of law. (4)

In other words: WE can and will violate any law or agreement any time we wish
and we will accuse YOU whom we wish to destroy of doing the violating and
THAT is the New World Order.

And that is how the game is played, my friends. People of the world: take

-- Jared Israel, 17 March 2001


(1) 'Why Albanians Fled Kosovo During NATO Bombing'. This interview presents
an entirely different explanation of why large numbers of Albanians left
Kosovo during the NATO bombing: not mainly because of the bombing, and not
because of Serb attacks. It explains the cultural mechanism by which KLA
terror against ethnic Albanians was transformed into ethnic Albanian support
for NATO. It helps make clear one of the reasons NATO has unleashed the KLA
on Macedonia and southern Serbia.

The interview is with Mr. Chedomere Pralinchavich. He was the chief archivist
of Kosovo and leader of the Jewish community in Prishtina until he and all
other Jews were driven from the province by the KLA, with NATO's complicity.
The interview can be read at

2) To read the Helsinki Final Act (the "Helsinki Accords") please go to

3) UN Security Council Resolution 1244 can be read at

4) Concerning Washington's creation of 'civil society' groups as weapons of
policy, see "U.S. Arrogance and Yugoslav Elections" at

The following are some articles dealing with Anglo-U.S. covert and not so
covert sponsorship of 'Greater Albanian' terror in the Balkans:

1) On early attacks launched by KLA terrorists against southern Serbia, see
'Who is Behind Terrorist Attacks on 'Serbia Proper'?

2) On NATO air cover provided for terrorists attacking southern Serbia see
'Pentagon Dogs' by Tika Yankovich at

3) On fact that NATO is training the terrorists involved in current fighting
see "Diplomats Admit NATO Backs KLA Invasion of Inner Serbia" at

4) The so-called Verification Mission in Kosovo in the fall-winter of 1998
was supposed to promote peace "in the troubled province." In fact, the U.S.
used it to place covert agents in Kosovo where they took control of the
Kosovo 'Liberation' terrorists (KLA). Two articles are relevant:

* In 'Humanitarian Spies' Emperor's Clothes charges that the Verification
Mission in Kosovo was used as a cover to consolidate U.S. control and
increase the 'performance' of the Kosovo 'Liberation Army' terrorists. Can be
read at

* 'The Cat's out of the bag!' A (London) 'Sunday Times' story confirms our
charges that the Kosovo Verification Mission was a U.S. covert operation. Can
be read at

5) British Special Forces trained KLA in secret camps in 1998, when NATO was
supposedly mediating between KLA 'rebels' and Yugoslavia, see 'Did we say we
didn't train the KLA? Oh. We lied.' at

6) The UN, under U.S. domination, appointed Adam Ceku as head of the
so-called Kosovo Protection Corps in 1999. Who is Ceku? An Albanian
secessionist war criminal who served with the U.S.-led Croatian Army in 1995.
He was head of artillery during the mass eviction of over 200,000 Serbs in
under a week from the Krajina region near Croatia in 1995. See 'The UN
appoints an alleged war criminal in Kosovo' by Michel Chossudovsky at

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