Are they comrades? was Re: Capitalist versus non-capitalist modernitywas Re: English farmers ,hoof and mouth disease crisis + " mad cow"

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Sun Mar 18 18:32:49 MST 2001

At 06:45  18/03/01 -0500, you wrote:
> >The central problem with the LM comrades is their refusal to make a
> >distinction between capitalist and non-capitalist modernity.  They embrace
> >the analysis of modernity in the Manifesto and turn it into a hymn of joy.

>I don't think it makes sense to speak of them as comrades.
>Louis Proyect
>Marxism mailing list:

Fair enough, Lou.  I bow to your wisdom here. Why did I use the term,
'comrade'? Well it's just that I have embarked on this fearful scramble for
good Karma.  Unless I do something remarkable about it my sectarian past
will keep me on the wheel for at least ten more turns.  I was once the most
fanatical sectarian in IS and will never live that down.



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