Prohibition and the Left [Anthony]

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The Industrial Workers of the World had a frequently stated and often
printed-in-literature statement:  "You can't fight booze and the boss at the
same time" -- and Wobbly organizers and strike leaders often referred to
liquor as "dehorn."  Of course, there are realities: a fair amount of
organizing work -- by any of several unions -- among hardrock [metal]
miners, lumber workers, and some other Far Western callings of which I'm
quite personally aware,  has traditionally been conducted in saloons [e.g.,
Butte! -- until most of its ore played out;  and there are many many other
occupational examples, for sure.]  However, union organizers and strike
leaders in most cases of which I'm aware, certainly stayed  -- and stay --
sober themselves, emulating the old Wobbly concerns about drinking.  Serious
and committed civil rights activists in the Southern Movement did very
little drinking -- and virtually none on the front lines.  The enemies were
many and the "legal" context in Deep South settings was consistently full of
racist entrapment schemes.

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