English farmers and the coming hamburger crash

Tony Abdo aabdo at SPAMwebtv.net
Sun Mar 18 20:38:39 MST 2001

This is the hidden secret of industrial capitalism; factory production
produces disease.     Dr. George Snedeker is right to point out that
<farm has become factory>, and that this produces environmental crisis.
<It's the chickens coming home to roost>

Time after time, process after process, we can see that the
'rationalization' of using increasd assembly line techniques in
production and distribution, in turn begins to produce an ultimate
'derationalization' of production and distribution.    This is in great
part, because large scale factory production passes social costs off to
society.      But eventually, this pass-off cannot be hidden.... it
catches up with a bang.

Hoof and mouth disease, mad cow disease, e coli and salmonella, cancer
from chemical runoff and/or chemical penetration of the food product,
infectious disease due to prolonged and unsafe handling of the food
'product' and contaminated water drainoff.... all these are
'by-products' of capitalist factory agriculture, that accumulate and
combine, acting in turn on each other.

Something very similar happens with turning the medical system into
mini-factories.     <Those animals are commodified death>, too, in the
words of Dr. Snedeker.     'Rationalized' medical care, like
'rationalized' agriculture, produces disease.

Capitalist factory production produces disease- PERIOD.     Although, we
have always been led to believe the opposite by pro-capitalist
apologists.     In some sense capitalism didn't eliminate the health
problems of feudalistic economy, they merely 'globalized' them.

At any rate, maybe it's not an unmitigated disaster if the fast food
industry has to turn to vege-burgers and falafel in the days ahead.
If you can eat the entire 5 pound vege-steak, you get it for free!

Tony _________________________________
"Dr. George Snedeker"...
<it's another form of environmental crisis. this time it resulted from
capitalist agriculture, all those animals are commodified death. this
time, it's out of control. it's the chickens come home to roost. it's
one thing to kill animals in order to have something to eat. hunters and
gathers began doingthis 200,00 years ago. agriculture began 10,00 years
ago. capitalist agriculture is a qualitative change in our relation to
nature. farms have become factories. it's dirty business. I grew up on a
small farm. we at least let the chickens rome before eating them. >

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